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Rehabilitation, underground utilities, road builders, and contractors since 1976. Serving Northern Illinois and areas of Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Trine Construction Corp. has been designing and building hundreds of projects in underground utilities, site development, drilling, pump stations, landscaping, sanitary sewer, and municipal & residential rehabilitation projects since 1976.  From construction consultation and management to site utility construction, we employ the best professionals and artisans in the business to meet the needs of our clients ranging from individual homeowners to publicly held corporations and local municipalities.

Trine Construction buries new utilities under Crystal Creek in Algonquin

This video shows the 5 day process of blocking and draining Crystal Creek to install new utility lines under the creek bed. Starting Monday, the creek is drained, new sewer and water lines are installed and by Friday evening, the creek bed is refilled to its pre-construction state.

A 40 foot by 48 inch casing pipe will hold a 30 inch sanitary sewer carrier pipe. A 24 inch casing pipe will contain the new 12 inch water main. Manholes will be installed on both ends of the casings and valves will be installed inside each manhole. The casing pipes protect utility lines inside from punctures and other damage.

Excavation of Crystal Creek and installation of the new utility lines was performed by Trine Construction.

Professional, Experienced Underground Utility Experts

One of the most interesting facets of Trine Construction is the makeup of our team of dedicated professionals and artisans. Over time our president, Michele “Mike” Rendina, has assembled some of the most capable individuals in the industry as they apply to each type of work that they are assigned to.

For over 4 decades, Trine Construction Corp. has been trusted by clients spanning government agencies, local municipalities, small and large corporations, and individuals.

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What Clients Say

Trine provided thorough and honest work, while making every attempt to accommodate the situation and the client. As with any construction project, changes were required in the field, and Trine’s foremen and crews worked diligently to provide acceptable solutions throughout our project.

Nick FaganField Inspector, IDOT Project 603P5 (Mannheim Rd)

Our Dedication to Safety

Safety is truly first at Trine Construction. With a 3 year and counting streak of injury free days, our team -- who is 100% O.S.H.A. 8 hour training certified -- have an average of no less than 10 years of experience in their trade. In addition, our entire labor force is trained in CPR for the safety of our crews and our sub-contractors on site.
Trine is a recipient of The Public Safety Award and Certifications by the Laborer’s Training Council for our dedication to a safe and efficient working environment. The satisfaction of our clients and the safety and happiness of our professional team are top priorities in our organization.

Our Customers

Throughout the years, Trine Construction Corp. has built a large customer base consisting of government agencies, local municipalities, corporations & businesses, REITs, religious institutions, and homeowners, More Info